About us

We Have Pleasure to introduce “SUN PLASTICS” as an emerging packing firm. “SUN PLASTICS” presents an unique packing concept in flexible packing. Our expertise stands on the fact that we have been developing and designing pouches to suits specific end user requirements ans have always “QUALITY BEFORE PROFITABILITY”

Packing is a very important part of a product and hence we prepare various packing design that suits with products and also with its importance. We have a team of expert graphics technicians to provide a best designs and layouts to choice the customers. Our graphics technicians team consists of expert Artist, Designers TP Photographers. We also take care of setting of Centering, type setting, logo etc. to give better looks to the Packing. We also consider the importance of legal matters e.g. Agmark, Best before, ®, Vegetarian logo, Customer Care , Nutritional Report etc.,

For every rotogravure printer, engraved copper cylinder is an important factor. In absence of it one cannot think of doing delivery of their Product to the end users rathar it is extremely impossible to deal. Your tension about the cylinder can become nil at your will and wish. performance of our cylinder is quite similar to electronic cylinders and that we provide at a very reasonable rates.

we examine each dimensions of the packaging very accurately and give special attention to our orders. We also take care of Cutting, Printing, Lamination, Slitting etc. To Provide More Life to the packaging to maintain Aroma, to prevent leakage etc., We also suggest the appropriate package and materials according to the nature of the products

Our objective is not only to generate the sales but also to provide you the best after sales service. We would like to participate your progress by reducing tension and worry regarding the stock maintenance, alteration of the product design, FFS machine, ®, Sealing Machine, Stamping Machine, Agmark, Barcode etc.,

You are hereby earliestly requested to call on us any time We hope for good business relationship with you. our moto is “CUSTOMER’S SATISFACTION”