Quality Assurance

Packaging Concept
Sun Plastics Presents an Unique Packaging Concept in flexible Packging. It is ideal for unit packs and unit doses - a concept that is gaining increasing acceptance with a promise to be the rule rather than the exception. It will soon replace conventional packaging alternatives. Sun Plastics offers every possibility in center seal, 3-side seal, pillow, square bottom, gusset & Stand-Up Pouches etc., flexible packaging offers unmatched benefits, Convenience, Economy and impact.

Additional Benefits
Extensive saving on raw materials Optimisation of filling ?space ldeal for packaging both solid and liquid products. Convenient to carry and store Enhances visual appeal Gives your product an edge in the market place Pouches can be hot filled at 95C Retort process possible for pre-cooked foods Preserves fragrance & flavour

Sun Plastics Pouches Application
Already packed products like
• Tea • Instant Coffee • Whole & Ground Masala & Spices • Namkeens • Dry Fruit Nuts • Seeds • Custard Powder • Coco Powder • Syrup • Pickles • Paste • Ghee • Edible Oil • Shampoo • Cosmetics • Chemicals • Grease • Lubricants • Insecticides & Pesticides • Pharmaceuticals • Agarbatti • Ready Mix Like • Dhokla • Dosa • Wada • Khaman • Idli etc.,

Success with Co-Operate
Behind the success of Sun Plastics is the commitment of a team of people whose every endeavor is to make packaging innovation successful and relevant to the needs of a specific products. This commitment is a never ending reality which you will find a positive asset when you pack your products in Sun Plastics Pouches.

Being the centre of attraction is no Longer a taboo today, in fact, its’ the One thing you’ve got to give your Product / service to make it a success. If you’ve got the perfect product, You’ve got to have the perfect Packing And that’s exactly what we give you Your Brand image The commercial world is like a bag of Crabs. There’s cut throat competition Where anyone rising can be pulled down. If you want to be more than a survivor, If you want to be a leader. The answer is "Sun Plastics"